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WHEN SUPPORT CAN'T BE FOUND We have been travelling in a few countries, and in most places from time to time we find it convenient to use local "Bed and Breakfast" providers. In some towns / cities we have used AirBnB and it has been great. When it's a live with owner or similar we

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Viagogo called “Scammers”

Viagogo have yet to explain its poor customer service, deceptive trading practises and lies told. A recent Australian TV programme has go so far as to prompt a legal action by many of the clients Viagogo has ripped off. On one Consumer product review I saw the Rating with 10 Excellent  and 777  TERRIBLE ...

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Tesla execs sneakily start a reusable materials company

The energy company's CTO and head of special projects The energy company's CTO and head of special projects are listed as executive officers of Redwood Materials, a "recycling, re manufacturing and reuse" company. Redwood Materials, a new reusable materials startup, might have close ties to energy giant, Tesla. An SEC filing, first spotted by CB

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Adriano Zumbo accused of staff underpayments …

Pastry king Adriano Zumbo is the latest celebrity chef to face claims Pastry king Adriano Zumbo is the latest celebrity chef to face claims that employees have been underpaid, with Zumbo Pattiserie staff members complaining in an A Current Affair story aired last night that they had not been paid their superannuation entitlements, and had been

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Microsoft – Surface Issues

User reports of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 problems proliferate businessBUILDERS have supported the purchasing of Surface computers from Microsoft since the Pro 2/ Surface 2 first entered the market, the figures are not flash on the numbers that have been returned. 85% of the sales are through Harvey Norman, as the first listed

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AWS – Inside Story

"Fail" by Support What is going on, "Australian Consumer Law has teeth" according to a client of AWS, and we will be discovering what is acceptable and what you can charge for as a service. The businessBUILDERS GLOBAL have brought to our attention details of a year long study, regarding the Product offered by Amazon Web

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GPS from Ebay fails

New 7" GPS Car Navigation 12GB Bluetooth Wireless Reverse Camera AV-IN Charger 4G + 8G Card 3D newest maps USB Triple Socket The Ebay add was clear and at face value you feel you just might be on to a winner. At $109.00 AUD it is one of the lowest prices for this item on

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This Is The Single Dumbest And Most Infuriating Fee That Airlines Charge

Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered. That’s an old saying that U.S. airlines have been defying for a decade, but it might be about to catch up with them. If you want to move up to an earlier departure, this is where you’ll likely be asked to fork over an extra $75, even though

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The #1 Worst Exercise That Ages You Faster

Exercise that was once considered the most effective way to look younger, get leaner and more fit…now linked to accelerated aging, inflammation and chronic age-related diseases. (Plus, what you can do instead to slow the aging process down to a crawl — so you can burn off age-related weight..and look and feel YEARS younger!) According

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Audi profit hit by diesel scandal in hint of cost to parent VW

INGOLSTADT, Germany (Reuters) -- Volkswagen Group's Audi unit gave an early indication of the costs of the diesel scandal to its parent company today, reporting that the issue had cut into its 2015 profit. Audi said its operating profit fell 6.1 percent to 4.84 billion euros ($5.3 billion) on emissions-related costs of 228 million euros,

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