We have been travelling in a few countries, and in most places from time to time we find it convenient to use local “Bed and Breakfast” providers. In some towns / cities we have used AirBnB and it has been great. When it’s a live with owner or similar we have found them pleasant and great Host’s.

But this has not always been the same with “Home” bookings. The standards in most cases is average, and in some it’s extremely poor.

It’s has been our experience that when it’s Managed we get very average standards for cleaning, supplies (Toilet paper), kitchen pot’s and pan’s, bowls and even knives and fork’s,(recently we had a place with only 2 of everything and no wine glasses, coffee cups and or 1 pot.)

So it’s been a mixed bag and seems to be worse in countries like New Zealand.

We stayed in Palmerston North, a familiar place as I lived there for many years. Tina our Host was evasive and advised she didn’t know about the cleaning,(keep in mind we had a confirmed booking) and that was how she started the call to get the codes to get in.

On arrival the codes didn’t work, the common area smelled and we had to stand there for 15 minutes to gain access.

Once in we called back and advised Tina of the issues, firstly the place was not cleaned. (at this time it was already after 3pm), we agreed to vacate and allow the cleaner to come in around 6:30pm.

On around 8.00pm we discovered that the rubbish had not been removed, flies in all rooms and over 100 in the toilet. Washing machine on full with our towels, and little or no cleaning had been done.

Toilet was unusable, floors covered in dust, items around all furniture, furniture from original site images was missing, two  locations had food and excrement, this is in the images.

Kitchen was under whelming and over all the place was like a concrete prison cell.

We have video and more ….

So What did AirBnB do about it …