Viagogo have yet to explain its poor customer service, deceptive trading practises and lies told.

A recent Australian TV programme has go so far as to prompt a legal action by many of the clients Viagogo has ripped off.

On one Consumer product review I saw the Rating with 10 Excellent  and 777  TERRIBLE …

They add fees, fail to issue tickets, sell tickets before released and more.

This is some of the comments by Viagogo clients we found:

Trapped into buying supper expensive tickets. As you progress though the payment process more fees are added until my tickets were 125% more than retail. Be warned you will pay way more than what you expect by the time your order is complete.

Misleading prices, they inflate as you go further into buying process. I ended up paying $70 for two adult GA AFL tickets (rrp $22ish each). Then received two child tickets when I am 100% certain i chose two adult tickets (rrp on ticket $5 each). My complaints were ignored by Viagogo, and they wouldn’t refund the unusable tickets. Thieves!

Warning: Fraudulent Ticket Company! This company is fake and has scammed many people before. I know many people that this has happened to before and I have worked in ticketing and seen it happen regularly. You have been warned.

DO NOT go near this outfit! The site is based in Switzerland. Has all the usual pressure ploys to encourgage you to purchase before it is too late. If not careful you will discover afterwards that you were being quietly quoted in either US dollars or Euros. I paid at least double for a show added to which I now find tickets are promised 3 days prior to the event. Judging by other reviews I will be lucky to receive them. I am somewhat surprised those putting on events are not warning against this mob.

So we are issuing a WARNING to our Business group, BUSINESSbuilders membership and all who get this message.