User reports of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 problems proliferate

Microsoft Surface Book running Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud / CC [2015]

businessBUILDERS have supported the purchasing of Surface computers from Microsoft since the Pro 2/ Surface 2 first entered the market, the figures are not flash on the numbers that have been returned. 85% of the sales are through Harvey Norman, as the first listed preferred supplier.

12.9% have been returned in the first 24 hours, and almost as bad is the Microsoft phones, 11.4% returned.

38% of all Surface product has reported an issue with the 74% of these being related to charging and or Starting issues.

But currently the latest Pro 4 had managed a staggering 42% return rate in the first 6 months.

The Internet has gone over 6 million Bing / and similar Google entries, about the power, screen, hardware failing issues.

Just getting the Surface Book to restart seems difficult, and look’s like a battery over charge issue. But then who really knows, not Microsoft.


This is a common exert:

Microsoft’s new flagship systems, the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, shipped on Monday accompanied by an out-of-the-box patch. Judging by the volume of cries on support forums, a substantial number of new owners aren’t happy. At least one of the problems, though, has a user-generated fix.


I have this problem as well. Support is useless, and if I could of, I would of pulled the agent through the text message screen and beat him senseless. I have the surface book and noticed the screen flicker as well. NOT THE AUTO BRIGHTNESS, but an actual flicker. Black back to the screen. It’s worse when you detach the screen as you run solely on the intel driver. The work arounds I have come up with is run at 2560*1920 and then it works without issue. If you need the full screen 3000*2000 then go into device mgr and disable the Intel driver.  Drawback is you can’t disconnect the screen. I discovered this without any help from support again as they are useless. And if they are reading this, I am still waiting for a call back from a supervisor as I was promised.  Further if you spend close to 3K on a laptop the support should be there to help and not aggravate you to the point of returning the computer. So fix the issue or I will make it a point to go to every review site and explain the ills of this computer. They almost had a perfect system. And as usual they #$%#$%#$%#


It has hard hung / locked up 9 times now since it arrived. I am seeing lots of issues traced to the Intel graphics driver (including app crashes where the call stack is in the Intel driver). However, the hangs don’t result in BSODs or normal event log entries or memory dumps. I did discover that Reliability Monitor has entries for them though, listed as “Hardware error”. Some/most of them have a bucket ID with the Intel graphics driver in the name.

More to follow-