So my internet is Sucky at the moment…

From 6pm till 11pm I get stupidly slow speeds, so I found myself looking on telstra’s crowd support to see how everyone else was faring with their NBN situation.
I found myself looking at a post from someone in a similar situation to myself… and the answer it received set me off… so I had to pipe in.

About an hour later I came up for air and found the response I had written to be a good explanation for those who have thier internet crap out when all the neighbours start watching netflix at 7pm.

Apologies to Ms_Megahurtz who may be a little Megahurt at my response ūüėČ but for someone who is a “super contributor” she should know better.

The original post can be found HERE


Last Result:
Download Speed: 5514 kbps (689.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 19037 kbps (2379.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 13 ms
Jitter: 3 ms
Packet Loss: -1%
6/3/2016, 8:23:42 PM


I too am having horrible slow congested speeds during peak hours. But I’ve¬†already lodged a formal online complaint so I expect it will be resolved… Basically this long winded post is to address the WRONG¬†answers like this one from “super contributer” Ms_Megahurtz.
It’s answers like the one provided that really get under my skin.

Ms_Megahurtz wrote:
Telstra doesn’t manage the bandwidth available in the NBN areas, this was the point of NBN to take the monopoly away from Telstra, this is the NBN/Government at work.


I would keep logging faults until they fix it. That’s the only way.


The fact you went off on a tangent about your workplace and your husbands workplace is concerning. Telstra isnt the greedy business running the NBN network, this would be your federal government tax dollars at work, so I would write to your federal member for parliament.


so… basically you are claiming that¬†this¬†is NBNCO and the Governments fault that TELSTRA¬†have underprovisioned¬†the CVC in our area’s essentially causing this congestion?


umm… sorry… how is this NBNCO, or the Governments fault? please explain.


I was under the impression that telstra are responsible for provisioning the CVC (which they purchase from NBNCO) .


I totally agree with the OP that by underprovisioning the CVC, TELSTRA are increasing their profits.

Ignoring the issue and giving stupid answers hoping that nobody notices/complains…


stop this blaming someone else like the “Government” or “NBNCO” and passing the buck for TELSTRA underdelivering on their advertised products…

It’s now getting to the stage where¬†customers are beginning to understand how the NBN works, its not someone elses fault, its the¬†Retail Service Providers (RSPs)¬†fault, i.e. telstra, iinet, dodo etc… for not forking out the money to provision enough bandwidth to service everyone who wants to use the internet during peak periods.


At the moment, the average user is forced to use stupidly slow speeds during peak hours until somebody¬†nerdy enough, who actually knows what they are talking about… and lives in the same area… makes a formal complaint¬†to telstra… resulting in telstra¬†purchasing more CVC from NBNCO to service¬†the¬†growing customer base in their area.


Otherwise you’re stuck on the phone to the support line… turning your modem on/off… connecting a network cable… replacing your modem… doing speed tests… waiting for line tests… being told there is nothing wrong… and then going online and reading that its the Governments/NBNCO’s fault… LOL.


Shouldn’t TELSTRA¬†be monitoring each area to ensure that this peak congestion isn’t an issue?


Or do we have to keep lodging complaints over and over and over each time more customers sign up to the NBN in our area?


Here’s my analogy:

the more times you divide¬†up a piece of pie, the smaller each portion becomes…
The only option i see available is to complain loud enough forcing telstra to order a bigger pie for your local area.


It seems to me that the customers are screaming…

My advice. stop calling and complaining to the overseas call centre staff, they don’t care or even understand the issue!

Lodge a formal complaint online ASAP. 
This will forward your issue to a “complaints team” .

Now the ball is in their court, and they have to do something about it within a timely manner, or give you an out of your 2 year contract.
This takes the pressure off you as a customer to have to call them, instead they will call you to resolve the issue. and if they continue to fail, it is the first step to having an ombudsman sort it out for you.